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Welcome to Curating Grief


Why Curate Grief?

Curating Grief is a creative, accessible way to explore grief and loss, through the objects — and the stories attached to them. Grief coach Charlene Lam explains how.

What does it mean to “Curate” Grief?

Curating is Choosing with Intention. 

1. After the death of a loved one or a significant loss, we are often faced with difficult choices. What to keep. Who gets what. What to say or do.  

When we’re faced with these situations, we can use curating as a beautiful lens for making these choices.  

2. As grieving people, we are facing circumstances outside of our control.  Death, loss, illness.  It can be very empowering to see the choices that we do have.  To see what we do have control over.

3. Everyone can curate. Whether you have physical items or not. Whether your loss is recent or years ago.

You are likely already curating. You are choosing what takes up space in your life every day. Physical space and emotional space.

Let’s choose with intention.  Let’s Curate Grief. 


I’m Charlene

After my mother died suddenly in 2013, I leaned into my creativity and instincts as a curator to guide myself through grief.

Now I help other people with their grief and experiences of loss. As founder and curator of The Grief Gallery™, I present exhibitions and events about grief and loss.

As a certified grief coach, I use my Curating Grief framework to help my clients to process grief and loss in a creative, accessible way.

Grief Support

Free Grief Gathering

Join us for The Grief Gallery’s free monthly grief gathering, on Zoom the last Wednesday of every month at 2pm ET. 

Curating Grief Podcast

Sharing my favorite grief coping tools, stories and interviews.

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Individual Grief Support

Want personalized help with your grief? Feeling stuck? Find out more about individual grief coaching.


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Grief Events

I love speaking about grief, from death-related loss to life's many transitions. Visit my Speaker Page or contact me at to learn more.

Monthly Grief Gathering

Join The Grief Gallery's free monthly grief gathering, on Zoom the last Wednesday of every month at 2pm ET/7pm UK.

Next gatherings: July 31st and Aug 28th 

Grief Walk, NYC

Join The Grief Gallery x Marigolde for a grief walk in Chinatown, Manhattan! Grief, culture and food: Good times! Sun April 21st, 11am-1pm. $15 plus Eventbrite fee.


Meaningful Objects and Grief

The belongings and physical objects can teach us a lot about grief — and be a starting point for healing and connection.


Curating Grief: Loss and Objects

A short film about Curating Grief by London-based filmmkaer Jamie Max Lee, shot on location in Lisbon.


Curating Grief: How to Choose What to Keep

Struggling with choosing what to keep after a loved one dies? In my signature talk, I share the origin story behind The Grief Gallery and some key Curating Grief concepts.

Charlene Lam

I help grieving people to feel lighter and less burdened after losing a loved one, using the lens of curating and the tools of coaching.

New York, NY | Lisbon, Portugal

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